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Our proposition to you

AHK develops highly creative, smoothly executed, data-driven campaigns for companies in the B2B, consumer, financial, technology and travel sectors. In a changing media and technology landscape, we help you win and keep more customers.

Cost-effective and results-driven, AHK aims to meet and exceed your targets. For every campaign the proposition is precisely tailored to each audience, measured and tested to maximize your return and build long term relationships for your business. We call it Intelligent Marketing. Should there be any other kind?



How we work

Knowledge + Strategy + Creativity = Intelligent Marketing

The starting point is a thorough insight into your customers’ behaviours and motivations. That knowledge is turned into a cohesive marketing strategy built around driving changes in behaviour and so forging closer one-to-one relationships with your brand. Then we develop a compelling creative execution that makes your proposition stand out from the crowd, stimulates customers to respond and maximises your ROI.



How can AHK help?

The AHK intelligent marketing approach helps you get to the heart of your issues and ensures an effective solution to them. Business situations that AHK is currently helping to resolve include; a business services company investing in content that wasn’t being seen, a travel company wanting to clarify its proposition to its core audiences and a customer electronics company needing to take better advantage of its user generated content.

Whatever your marketing challenge, contact us to discuss your requirements


Where are we based?

AHK is situated a 20minute walk from the market town of Horsham Sussex, with an award winning local market selling handmade garden ornaments to homemade gin, it’s a beacon for crafts and creativity. Surrounded by panoramic views accessible via the South Downs Link and only 15 miles from Gatwick airport, Horsham is a hub for International business.

What’s our viewpoint?

You’ll get a good insight into what’s on our minds by reading the blog. Recent posts have included 10 good reasons to use video in B2B marketing, how email can help to improve Net Promoter Score and thoughts from David’s lectures at the IDM.

What clients are saying?

We create work that clients are proud to recommend. Here are a selection of comments we’ve received recently.



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