B2B companies and content marketing

I was lecturing at the Institute of Digital & Direct Marketing and we had an interesting discussion on B2B content marketing. Particularly, how marketing and digital managers are under a lot of pressure to produce web/social media content themselves, often with little or no help.

The students on the course described that colleagues can be better qualified, especially on technical subjects, but often the business has more pressing priorities for their time. So, it’s seen as the job of the marketing department to create this type of material.

The real issue here is that little resource is being allocated to B2B content development. Marketing Managers need to make the case for budgets to do the job properly.

Interestingly a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute for the DMA reveals that in the UK 82% of B2C marketers outsource content creation compared to 42% of their B2B peers.

A continuous supply of well-researched, interesting and relevant content (blogs, white papers, infographics, video etc.) can play a huge role in attracting new leads.  Just this morning I was talking to a company that gets 32% of all its new enquiries via its blog. That’s not counting the support it can give the salesforce by engaging with prospects whilst they move them through the sales funnel.

Search engines like consistency and variety. Even with the best intentions it is easy to let things slip (as we all do occasionally).  With budgets in place you can employ an agency like AHK to ensure your content is delivered month in, month out, without fail. And guarantee a variety of different types of content with eye-catching graphics to appeal to different segments within your target audience.

So if you’d like some ideas on how you could take your B2B content marketing onto a new level, give AHK a call on 020 8541 4222.

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