Is your email a bit of a tight squeeze?


We have a bit of a soft spot for email. Over the last couple of months, we’ve chatted about a renaissance in its effectiveness but also the need for marketers to give their email activity a bit of a revamp.

If we were asked the single big change we would make (apart from “test, test test” but you’re doing that already), it would be to optimise emails for mobile. Why? By the end of last year, 51% of emails were opened on mobiles, up 21% year on year*. And it’s worth making your emails mobile-friendly – a recent simple A/B test showed the click rate was 10% higher than for the equivalent traditional design*.

Where to start? Firstly, think about the customer journey – are the landing pages suitable for mobiles and tablets or are you using Flash (for example). Once your website is working well, you can tackle your email. Responsive design helps you by resizing to match the screen size, hiding content and changing the flow of content to suit. Amongst other considerations, you will also need to think about the volume of copy (short and sweet) and image size (can recipients see what the image is of when it’s a lot smaller?).

As always with email design, make sure your readers see enough in their first screen to make them click-through. For instance; don’t fill it with an extended menu-bar.

But don’t worry if this is all getting a bit daunting – we’re here to help! Email or give us a ring on 020 8541 4222 and we’ll steer you through.


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