Email data – is your list as big as you think?

We’ve recently been analysing some email data for a B2B client. They had been meaning to do it themselves for a while but had never found the time. However as responses continued to fall they decided to get an expert in to look at it for them.

AHK started by isolating all the unsubscribes, hard bounces and inactives and discovered that they formed over half the list size quoted.

When email is so cheap it can be tempting to keep sending messages out regardless of whether there has ever been any response. The trouble is that eventually the list gets overpopulated with contacts for whom your business has become totally irrelevant.

AHK always encourages clients to make changes sooner rather than later. Yes, it can be a bit awkward telling your colleagues that you’ve just cut the database by up to 50%. However by facing up to the situation you can start implementing changes that will deliver better results in the not too distant future.

A reduction in your overall mailings volumes will help focus your attention on your data acquisition strategy. Is your harvesting programme as effective as it could be? Are there additional sources of data within the company that you could access? What can you do to ensure these new additions become active customers?

So if you’re finding it hard to find the time to analyse your data in house why not ask the AHK experts to look at it for you and make 2012 the year you added 50% more active customers to your list.

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