Email – The second coming

For the last 10 years, we’ve been hearing about the demise of email. All sorts of new things were due to replace it. But, interestingly, we think it is one of the final alleged nails in email’s coffin that has actually made it more relevant than ever.

The arrival of smartphones and tablets is seeing a rebirth in email. Just when marketing via text and social media threatened to take over, email appears to be making a late surge.

Increasingly, people keep up to date via their smartphone and with responsive design the user experience has dramatically improved. Why would you send a text to someone that has strict limitations or via social media that is difficult to measure when you can email them and get the best of all worlds?

So, there appears to be a new appreciation of what email can achieve amongst marketers. In days gone by, email marketing was often executed as an afterthought. Now it is something that the Marketing Director is likely to want to know about and targeted programmes are being created with relevant and unique content.

Until recently, email was the perennial bridesmaid, now it is finally becoming the bride. And with many years of experience, AHK can help make sure you don’t miss the party. Contact us on 020 8541 4222 to see how we can help you.


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