Email templates or comfort blanket?

As your finger hovers over the mouse for that final click, you hesitate. And why not – you are about to send thousands upon thousands of emails with multiple messages in 23 different languages to Europe, using the customer file jealously guarded by your company, and all this in a blink of an eye. What’s to stop it going wrong? The answer is the tried and tested email template.

The template has been tested to display correctly in all known email clients on the planet and beyond. It would keep your email looking as close to the test email as humanly possible. But when was the last time you tested/refreshed your template? Did you inherit the template? Does it still do the job?

Here’s a good email template work-out. Print out 5 emails from your inbox – try and select from different industry sectors i.e. financial, automotive, consumer, IT etc – cut the top third off (sometimes called ‘above the fold’) and play ‘pairs’. Take the top of an email selling a great new rate on your mortgage and put it over an email announcing the release date of the DVD ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’. Doesn’t look out of place does it? But it should!

If you’re a brand manager playing pairs you should be concerned. Email templates are beginning to look similar but the brand values couldn’t be more different. At AHK we use templates of course but sympathetic to the brand values.

If you were surprised playing the ‘pairs’ game, contact AHK for a fresh look at your email strategy.

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