Online brochures or brochures online?

A recent review of online sales collateral of a major B2B company and its competitors was revealing.

We were amazed how many companies are still trying to win over hot prospects using a PDF of the printed brochure, when it’s easy to create something so much more useful and relevant.

The first tell-tell sign of a printed brochure masquerading online is its orientation – portrait – you don’t see many computer screens that shape. Cue frustration, scrolling up and down trying to make sense of it.

Designed to print out and pass on? When did you last print something out to show a colleague, rather than share it online? One company we researched offered a printed brochure as a PDF. The central theme was the end of printed matter in the office!

What was the purpose of these “digital” brochures and which part of the sales process are they designed to support? How much marketing budget had already been spent to get the prospect to read it and didn’t they deserve something better?

The piece needs to continue the sales process rather than bring it to an abrupt end. For instance; how much more effective would it be if there are links within it to help find relevant sections or to other web content? What about an attractive call to action? One multinational IT company online solutions brochure has the call to action: “Dealer Stamp” with an empty box.

For B2B marketers content has to be redesigned to work in whatever medium it is going to be read or presented. Speak with AHK and we’ll show you how some insight into your audience and the sales environment will help you to understand what formats are required. We’ll help you to create material that works effectively.

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