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A clever application opens new sales opportunities


  • The Challenge

    GE Capital are a leading supplier of fleet vehicles to businesses, and now are able to not just lease vehicles, but take over the management of a company’s European fleet operations. This saves companies significant time and money.

    However, they needed to find a way to present the complicated concept in an engaging way that showed the precise benefits to that specific company. AHK were tasked with developing an online tool to support the selling process.

    What we did

    Working with GE Capital we identified that a 2-stage approach was required to first highlight the likely potential benefits of switching, before conducting a full audit and presentation of a precise cost-benefit analysis.

    AHK specified and built an end-to-end prospecting tool that feeds off standard Microsoft software to calculate what it takes to manage each vehicle in every country and compares the performance of a prospect company’s fleet departments with GE Capital.

    What we achieved

    The tool has been recognised as the best prospect management and presentation tool across GE Capital Europe and has already provided Account Managers with significant sales opportunities.

    What the client said

    I have enjoyed working with AHK on the Fleet Management Tool. They didn’t simply follow our requirements document, instead they interpreted the key aims of the application and came up with a much more useful solution. The Account Team are really excited about using it.” Pan-European Accounts GE Capital International Fleet Services


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    • Client: GE Capital
    • Skills: Creativity, coding, branding, analytics, measurement, segmentation, studio, strategy.



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