Product Registration – How you can improve sign up levels

I was complaining the other day that I never receive emails from a well-known electronics company even though I had registered my purchase with them. Checking back I discovered an unread email in my junk folder telling me that I needed to click on a link to confirm my registration. The link has now expired and if I want to register I must start all over again. If this is a typical experience, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of electrical products go unregistered.

However now that there are more opportunities for electrical brands to sell add-ons like service, spares and accessories direct to customers, the economics are stacking up in favour of running dedicated email marketing programmes to generate sales.

AHK is having more conversations with clients about how they can increase the volume and quality of data they capture, particularly with regard to product registrations.

In my own experience the absence of a follow-up strategy was the ultimate reason for why I didn’t complete. However there were plenty of other moments where I could have given up along the way. AHK focuses on improving the whole registration experience and ensures there is an enticing incentive to justify all your customers’ time and effort.

We also consider how to get customers to review and update their information regularly. That means you can ensure your messages stay relevant and you’re not still talking to them about a product they replaced 18 months ago.

If you’d like to discuss how to improve responses to your own registration programme please get in touch with David Hearn or Val Jermy.

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