Web and Social Media; be selective with the ways to re-use content

A while back we blogged about the perils of using the same content across a range of media without considering their differences. We stick by what we said then but we also know that it makes sense to maximise the use of assets.

A client for whom we create web and email content recently asked us to create assets for Facebook. The brief was simply to take what we were already doing and re-purpose it for social media.

But Facebook isn’t the same as email. And that got us thinking.

Like any communications, the email and web generate plenty of response. And like the best programmes it creates a lot of interaction with many customers who are keen to share their creative work. We use as much of this as we can but sometimes it hasn’t quite fitted. Until now.

The different relationship that Facebook encourages creates the perfect venue for this content. It encourages interaction and promotes the website. The response from contributors and the Facebook community has been amazing.

So rather than just re-using content, have a look at what else is available. You’d be surprised how a different medium will throw up new opportunities for material you already have. Alternatively, contact us. You know we’ll offer our opinion.

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